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  The oil complete on this bottle, in place of the standard double ring, suggests it may have already been used for catsup in lieu of pepper sauce, though without any figuring out embossing or the initial label - of which this bottle has neither - it can be not possible to tell for sure.  Simply click base image to check out such which displays the M or W marking which may or may not become a makers marking; most likely the latter.  (Pictures courtesy of Janis Scalone.)

LORD WARD'S / WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE - This eight" bottle is embossed vertically (LORD WARD'S) on the body and horizontally (WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE) around the shoulder imitating precisely the embossing sample with the considerably more well known Lea & Perrins bottles of the period.  These bottles contain the diagnostic functions usual of its known age of 1865, i.e., incredibly crudely shaped club sauce utilized end, deficiency of equally mold air venting and pontil scar, and an Over-all crudity bespeaking its Civil War period manufacture.

S.  Coverage of all the categories is difficult, obviously, while the following consists of some extra illustrations or photos/details about other designs of square and rectangular pickle/preserved meals bottles to show a number of that extra variety:

  1 exception famous by the web site author are definitely the Globe canning jars which do have mold air venting in proof; these jars are mentioned afterward this website page.

   A noteworthy exception to this dating is the fact many different sorts of groove-ring wax seal Ball Common  jars were being basically several of the earliest semi-computerized equipment built jars, remaining 1st generated in 1896 continuing right until about 1912 (Toulouse 1969a; Creswick 1987).  These jars exhibit equipment-made diagnostic features and so are the sole known wax seal jars produced by machine (Creswick 1987); begin to see the equipment-manufactured bottles percentage of the dating key.  Simply click Ball Standard quart jar to look at an instance with two or three the machine-built features pointed out, i.e., the neck ring seam and foundation valve mark.

Other pictures of ribbed type sauce bottles can be found by clicking on the subsequent one-way links.  This will help demonstrate a certain amount of the range of shape present in these style bottles:

  Even though a lot less frequently encountered than cylindrical versions, the earliest square food jars had been typically dip molded, pretty crude with pontil scarred bases and had minimally worked or manipulated flared or rolled finishes, just like the jars explained during the cylindrical area higher than.

Courting summary/notes: The cap & spring clip variety jars, generally, Adhere to the pertinent dating guidelines identified at the start of this canning jar area and joined beneath.  Machine-built Financial state jars (all Financial system jars were being device-made) were initial made about 1903, as indicated via the patent dates about the jar bases.  Other very similar cap & spring clip closured jars were also initially made by machines with regard to the very same time, i.e., beginning concerning 1900 and 1910.

   The earliest L&P bottles have been cork sealed, Even though a big bulk in the L&P and competitors bottles have been closured with a combination glass stopper & shell cork that has a club sauce finish getting a cork resting ledge on the inside in the bore.  That closure/complete mixture was used by L&P till 1958 whenever a plastic pour spout and exterior screw thread complete was adopted and remains to be in use now (Anonymous 1958; Rinker 1968; Zumwalt 1980; Rock 2001).  Simply click Glass & Cork closure to check out the visit homepage area from the Bottle Closures webpage that addresses this type closure.  Click on the IGCo 1906 internet pages 204-205 to check out the Illinois Glass Corporation (Alton, IL.) featuring of a "Worcestershire or Club Sauce" bottle in three measurements with "Shell Corks and Glass Stoppers to fit" (lessen suitable corner).  The Illinois Glass Organization illustration Plainly demonstrates that their Edition came With all the distinctive 3-aspect club sauce end.

The set of rectangular extract bottles pictured to your remaining are both device-created and exhibit typical machine-designed characteristics which includes suction scars as both of those have been merchandise from the Owens Automatic Bottle Equipment.  The bottle on the best aspect from the image is actually a six" tall normal ball neck panel bottle with an exceptionally slim neck ring that may be embossed with Mc CORMICK & CO. / BALTIMORE.  The bottom is embossed Using the makers mark with the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. using a plant and date code mixture of a "6" as well as a "9" - numbers which allow it to be extremely hard to determine Should the bottle was built in 1936 or 1939 or in the Streator, IL.

The club fashion sauce bottle is a particular condition that is certainly closely identified with sauces supposed for meats, and specifically, many brands of Worcestershire sauce.  The origin of this design was seemingly the bottle intended by or to the Lea & Perrins® (L&P) enterprise (illustration below & image into the still left) and which was initially reportedly Employed in the 1840s (Rinker 1968; Rock 2001).  Due to outstanding good results of L&P, the sauce was copied by scores of other corporations and put up in bottles of the identical condition as L&P - generally with the exact embossing pattern (just different lettering for your producer).

   Click Crosse & Blackwell chow chow bottle to determine an identical bottle with the original label from this venerable English business which commenced in 1706 and is also reportedly continue to executing business enterprise currently (Zumwalt 1980; Caniff 1997).  Quite a few (but not all) with the mouth-blown bottles utilized by Crosse & Blackwell have C & B embossed on the base, the identical Actual physical production associated attributes as the pictured bottle to the right, and date from the exact period of time noted above (Toulouse 1971).  Click Crosse & Blackwell chow chow without base embossing to view an instance found in Montana that features a fragmental label indicating use by Crosse & Blackwell but devoid of C & B embossed on The bottom. (Photo courtesy of Scott Snyder.)

Considering that the upper percentage of the parison (i.e., the neck ring/parison molded end and the pretty higher neck) was not reheated, this percentage of the glass was comparatively cool and hardened which did not allow the blow mold to generate any seam impressions about the higher neck/decrease end.

  Although the creator has not Individually observed an example with diagnostic functions indicating an early 20th century generation, it is feasible which the vertically ribbed pepper sauce during the "other images" grouping down below could be from as late because the extremely early 1900s.  (This Image and an outline of the bottle was furnished by a user of This page in early 2010.)

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